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YouTube… Increasing Bullying? November 5, 2011

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So after a few comments on my last blog, i started to think of the negative side of YouTube and why teachers wouldn’t use it in schools. For one, i can understand that i probably wouldn’t feel confident allowing a class of 30 children under the age of 16 freely to roam YouTube under the knowledge that it was me who would be giving them consent to do so. What sort of things are on YouTube? Just about anything and everything.

I thought i would have a look online and see what videos i could find. I imagined i was in a class and had been told to look up Photosynthesis… well this is a video i found…

I must admit I don’t think I would learn much from that yet im sure the students who uploaded that passed their test with flying colours. So maybe YouTube could be used in a much more engaging way than just the teacher showing them videos. The students could take a topic and make a video, or a rap/song something to their taste to learn about a topic. Great, isnt it?

But, is this what children would want to do? If anyone has heard my singing voice they would know that I would not want that put on YouTube! (It could easily be mistaken for a cat being strangled!!) With a Class of 30 children how does the Teacher monitor what the children put on YouTube? How does the Teacher monitor what the children then put on outside of class time since they have shown them the valuable tool of how to upload the videos..

Sadly, there is no way, and this could lead to cyber bullying. I started reading around and found many accounts of children’s parents speaking of the upset their child had when a video of them  had been uploaded onto YouTube (without the child’s consent) and it had taken YouTube weeks to take it off and needed police involvment for this to do so. YouTube doesnt sound so great now, does it?

Another child said that they used to get bullied in the classroom and YouTube just made it worse. They couldn’t get home and forget about the bullies as they could then read the comments on the video online, as well as facebook, myspace and other social networks.

YouTube is such a powerful tool for allowing students to engage with other’s opinions and topics as it is worldwide, yet it also allows for worldwide ridicule, which isn’t such a great thing!

What i can’t quite believe is that YouTube doesnt have any moderators that have to check the video content before allowing the world to see it. Seems a bit wrong to me.. What do you guys think?






10 Responses to “YouTube… Increasing Bullying?”

  1. Colin Steed Says:

    Laura. Great blog with some interesting points. I agree with you, unmoderated content can be dangerous. Unfortunately, there is always a minority who spoil what is undoubtedly a brilliant resource for learning.

    I have uploaded my own content teaching a subject which has given many a free quality learning experience.

    How do you think YouTube could ensure unwelcome content being available which is unsuitable, and in some cases, criminal?

    Keep up the blog-it’s great!


    • lauraduff Says:

      Colin – Thanks for your comment!

      Maybe YouTube could use some of their frequent uploaders and reliable members to view content and vote on its safety? I guess with over 65,000 videos being uploaded a day this could be very tricky – One could argue the teacher could use other sites such as TeacherTube where the filters are more secure? What do you think?

      • Colin Steed Says:

        Yes I think you have a great solution. What we need is for Teachertube to pre-check videos wherever they are loaded so that teachers can be safe knowing that any video on TT is safe. Of course, that means teachers will need to only use TT videos and, just as importantly, notify TT of videos found elsewhere that are appropriate for children’s learning.

        Not being a teacher myself I am not familiar with TT. Could you send me a link so I can have a look.


      • lauraduff Says:

        I am not 100% clear on the site myself either but it has more moderations than YouTube.

  2. Francesca Says:

    Couldn’t teachers look up suitable material in the planning of their lesssons to then present to the class… (i.e. videos from youtube or teacher tube because these lessons where children are allowed free roam of the internet…. what exactly is the point? an easy lesson for teachers? a lot of lessons in schools are often filled with a lot of potatoes accompanied by a mouthful of meat). A better educational curriculum in schools and UNIVERSITIES is whats required forget youtube and forget 9 grand a year for a second class education!!! Our country by no means offers a world class education so why the world class fees???
    🙂 Thanks for the platform Laura sorry if i deviated from your argument.

    • lauraduff Says:

      No its good to cause a discussion! Thankyou for your comment Francesca!

      I think YouTube can be misused to become an easy lesson for a teacher, but do you not think its down to the teacher to encourage debate and discussion after showing the video to ensure their students learn from the video? Using YouTube would allow children to look again at home if they wanted to and to also watch videos around the subject. A video can sum up a 1000 words in a matter of seconds.. and is much more likely to keep the students interest.

      About the fees…well Thats a different story!!!

      • Francesca Says:

        But if the schools were doing their jobs in the first place children shouldnt have to be taking home the stress of continued study. A happy child is a much better learner. In addition i think it should be at the discretion of parents as to whether they want their child using youtube at home… children spend far too much time with technology already diminshing they’re imagination and they’re ability to socialise as people with people. A video does sum up a 1000 words in a matter of seconds but lets not have them forget how and when to use those words.

      • lauraduff Says:

        But if schools were doing their jobs properly they would spark an interest so the child may want to go home and investigate more. I can remmeber one of my Maths teachers at school.. I hated Maths yet she made me so interested in the topic (sad I know) that i went home and would talk to my mum and dad about it and find out more..

        I think YouTube should be used in the classroom, not all the time, yet some of the time to create interest and change. Some children are visual learners and may learn a lot better from a YouTube video compared to a text book, so its nice to have variety to ensure you meet every child’s learning needs!

        Whether it should be used at home… Im not sure! I agree, in my eyes children should be out playing when they are at home. But maybe they could spend time with their friends making videos! Im sure that would encourage imagination..

  3. Francesca Says:

    Tis true Laura, a child should be enthused and excited about their education, half the problem is learning always feels like work. Its fact that a child is more successful in their learning if they aren’t considering it work and this more positive perspective on learning again makes a happier child.

    Most people are visual learners so images are an essential learning tool.

    Have you ever heard of the golden ratio laura…. i was never introduced to this in school but that would have made fascinating learning if i had been and provokes thought not related to numerous subjects.

    I think difficult concepts to understand should be introduced at a younger age so that they can be more easily accepted as fact. For example, i’ve been learning about the constiuents of protons and neutrons i.e. quarks, leptons, electron neutrinos and other sub atomic particles. if these terms were introduced in childhood and the number of quarks in a proton became as commonly accepted as the number of sides a triangle has, the field of learning could be greater!

    • lauraduff Says:

      Looking it up i recognise the Golden Ratio so yes i think i was at GCSE!

      Definatly, Ive learnt a lot through these blog yet it doesnt feel like im actually learning! I think its the first time ive spent a saturday and then sunday evening on uni work!!! (This is technically classed as uni work!)

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