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Pico Portable Projections – for teaching? I’m not so sure.. November 9, 2011

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Today We had a lecture from Andy Black showing us about all the latest technology and talking about how this could be used in the classroom. Whilst I found it fascinating and could clearly see the benefits of some technology some of it has got me thinking; especially the Pico Portable projector.

For those who aren’t aware here is a link and the intended use states: mobile presentations. The example of this in use, we were given, was thinking about a school out on a field trip and the teacher could actually stand there and bring up a presentation no matter where they were – what do you think?

In some ways i think this could be really useful – portable presentations could be really handy but the idea of it being used on school trips seems to ruin it for me. For me a school trip was always a fun and exciting part of school and was a day where you didn’t have to concentrate as much on what the teacher said and could take in your surroundings and learn from that. A portable presentation would take in the outdoors what could be done the next day in the classroom rather than waste valuable time in the outdoors.

Learners can learn a lot from their environment and one of my best memories from school was visiting a local organic farm and putting our wellies on and getting in the river to measure the PH of the water. It seems to ruin it when i picture it with our teacher stopping and spending 10 mins fiddling around with a portable projector to then go into a presentation.

I haven’t read around on the subject yet, but would be grateful for any inputs on what everyone thinks! Do you think it would have a good impact on a field trip?



5 Responses to “Pico Portable Projections – for teaching? I’m not so sure..”

  1. Yeah, I’ll join you in the ‘not so sure’ camp, especially given the “low lumen output” that review you linked to talks about – what if it’s a sunny day?! Would you also need to lug around a screen? Seems like a nice idea lacking in practicalities! Like so, so many ideas involving technology!

  2. lauraduff Says:

    I just think it ruins a field trip and the different learning that goes on in field trips! I can’t really see any positives myself… im hoping someone will throw out a few to thing about!

    Thankyou for all your comments, really appreciate them 🙂

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  4. As long as people can avoid death by powerpoint ( The way to look at them is how can they enhance the learning experience.

    The low lumens could be an issue in the day, but with winter coming they could be quite good in the dark, especially with a related subject. Who wouldn’t like learning about owls outside when it’s dark 🙂

    Find the positive.

  5. Ok, find the positive:

    If you were out on a Biology trip you could use it to show an identification key to help ID different creatures you find.

    On a trip to a museum for history you could use it to show them pictures of things they need to find out about by looking around.

    On a geography trip you could use it to show an animation of erosion while looking at a cliff face to demonstrate how it was formed.

    I’m sure there are many more ideas, just no PowerPoint presentations!

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