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My Experience of Blogging. December 1, 2011

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So, back in October we were told by our tutor to start a blog. Personally I am not great on technology and had given up on Twitter as soon as i looked at it. However, I was told to do it and thought I may aswell give it a go..How glad i am that i tried!

My main reason for trying was that in my E-Learning lectures i had felt a little bit lost. Coming from an interest in Special Educational Needs throughout my degree I had always chosen modules that reflected this and for the first time really since starting my degree I felt like a fish out of water. I thought I can’t give up – its my third year and I really need to do well and I can’t say I don’t understand if I don’t try to. So i got Twitter, added a few people and made a blog.

What to blog about? Well, this was easy as we had been given a topic so off i went blogging. As an incentive we had been told that it was a competition and you had to get the most views and comments, so i sent a few texts and a few emails on Facebook telling my friends to read my blog. Within a day I had a few comments from friends I had told to look at my blog – I didn’t get too excited. Then, i realised people I didn’t know had been Retweeting me on Twitter! I got a bit excited and i think my eyes were opened for the first time as to how this powerful online tool can enhance learning!

Then i got comments from people i didn’t know, and when looking them up on twitter I found they were well-respected people. This made me a lot more interested in blogging and I started blogging again and again. I also found my interest in the subject increased and I spent a lot of my time whilst driving in my car thinking about the topics i had been blogging about and the comments I was receiving were helping my thoughts and my education. Suddenly the module seemed to make sense and I understood a lot more of the lectures.

Yes, I’ve learnt a lot surrounding the ideas of video sharing in the classroom and internet safety but to me Ive learnt a lot more than that: the power of blogging! Through blogging i have been engaged in a subject, i quite honestly, don’t think I would have been interested in other wise. I have connected with educators from all over and have found myself sharing knowledge with people who without this blog I would not have spoken too.

Blogging has helped me learn a lot and has helped me realise the power of the internet. Educationalist talk about allowing students to have their own learning environment and blogging has definitely worked for me. It may not work for everyone but it has for me and i will definitely be encouraging my future students to blog!

For teachers who don’t agree with blogging or do not see the point.. probably haven’t blogged before and I would now suggest every teacher needs to blog to understand the learning outcomes that are possible from blogging. Through blogging I have thought maybe its a step too far..maybe children will sit on the computers more interested in their blogs than playing outside, but I can honestly say, for me, blogging didn’t feel like “Uni work” it was an interest that was then fuelled by others comments. It didn’t feel like I was doing it because I had too, I was doing it because I wanted too, and if this happened too with a child why shouldn’t we allow them to pursue that interest! I haven’t yet seen a bad side of blogging.



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  2. Welcome to the blogging world! I was told about blogging in my third year and I didn’t start until I was in my forth, just like yourself I was a bit unsure about blogging. I agree with your statement about ‘how this powerful online tool can enhance learning!’, it can really enhance creative writing in primary schools, check out Julia Skinners 100 word challenge.
    However I do believe that blogging isn’t for everyone, you can’t force someone who doesn’t believe in it (trust me I have tried.) Last year I wouldn’t have thought about blogging but this year I felt that I was motivated enough to try it. The best thing you can do is show them the benefits and let them decide.

    Great post, I am looking forward to reading some more from you.


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