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Youtube – Would you use it? November 2, 2011

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog and I am going to talk about YouTube in the Classroom….

YouTube provides global access to some very educational and controversial topics. It has over 100millions views a day alongside thousands of videos uploaded yet some teachers and schools do not agree with YouTube!

YouTube is worldwide and available from any device with an internet connection (well apart from the schools that block the website) so if a student is struggling on a piece of work they would be able to review the video at home in their own time and develop their own understanding of the topic. Great, isn’t it?

Not all teachers think so. Some teachers suggest that by putting a video on the students will disengage, yet this is down to the individual teacher, isn’t it? I feel it’s the teacher’s duty to provoke a discussion after the video and not to just put the video on. And I feel this is where it went wrong when I was at school. I must admit that my memories of YouTube when I was in secondary school are not great. I remember the teacher putting on a video and walking off to do another task whilst the students supposedly sat and watched the videos. I’m sure in my class we just waited until the teacher left the room to start
talking amongst ourselves rather than watch the video – now that wouldn’t of happened if the teacher had stayed and taught us through the old fashioned method of a blackboard would it?

I personally feel YouTube is an incredibly valuable tool yet it needs to go hand in hand with an enthusiastic teacher and not just a teacher that puts on a video because they cannot be bothered to teach. I’m sure when I’m a teacher I will be using it in the

Has anyone had any good/bad experiences of YouTube? I’m really interested to hear of examples where it has been used to promote discussion because sadly from my school memories I cannot think of one!!!!